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Young Adults - Why Personal Development?

Personal-Development for Young Adults

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A famous quote from a Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, says that while knowing others may be intelligence, but knowing oneself is true wisdom.


Similarly, mastering others may be strength, but mastering one's own self is true power.

The quote, included in the sage's ancient compilation of Chinese classic text "TAO TE CHING" has been the inspiration of several individuals from over the world - poets, writers, painters, executives, priests, even politicians.


It has also been a major source of inspiration for Francois Janse van Rensburg – founder and owner of Let's-Live Coaching. Consequently, Let's-Live Coaching is home to some of the most passionate life coaches today, who are willing to provide you with all the guidance and support you may need to know and master your own self. 

Know and Master Yourself With a Let's-Live Life Coach

The journey towards true wisdom and power begins with a simple commitment – commitment towards continuous improvement, based on your own evaluations of your aspirations, skills and goals.


This focus towards continuously evolving and improving is called Personal-Development.


Let us clarify the concept and its utility with the help of three questions that we get asked the most about Personal-Development. 




Personal-Development is an umbrella term that encompasses all techniques used for improving a person's life.


Any positive change you make in your career, relationships, health, education, productivity, academic/extra-curricular performance, is essentially the result of Personal-Development.

Typical techniques include assessment of the self, discovering inherent motivation, over-arching aspirations, self-actualization, goal setting, time-management, changing habits, learning new skills, developing talent/knowledge – all with the aim of fulfilling the aspirations.




Now is the best time! With regards to developing your own self, there is no such thing as "TOO SOON" or "TOO LATE".


While the early birds will definitely enjoy the benefits associated with an early start, you can begin working on Personal-Development whenever you feel the need to evolve.

Personal-Development will work its wonders equally well for senior executives in their 50s as it will on young-adults in their 20s.


Personal-Development is more than just a method to reach your career goals.


It is a method of increasing self-awareness, building self-appreciation and finding genuine happiness and satisfaction from life and each day is a good day to begin. 




Personal-Development for young adults has far reaching benefits that stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Young adults must differentiate the right choices from the wrong between a myriad of options related to higher studies, career paths and relationships.


And how well they make the distinction shapes how well they fare in their future endeavours.

At their relatively inexperienced age, it is common for the lines between right and wrong to get blurred. Without the proper guidance, young people may take decisions and act on them, under pressure from peers, parents, media-influence and a host of other external influences.

If there is one thing that can help young adults – Personal-Development it is. Benefits include -


Improved knowledge of the self – inner motivations, potentials, fears, insecurities, dreams and aspirations.

Improved time management, goal setting, self-assessment and self-improvement,

Increased knowledge, skills and talents, more focus, higher productivity.

Increased clarity about personal identity, purpose in life and a clearer sense of direction.

Improved satisfaction, higher quality of life.

Further, our Life Coaching Courses for Personal-Development have been devised to empower you to make pragmatic changes to yourself throughout your life. There is perhaps no other adventure bigger than living the life you have always dreamt of! Personal-Development Coaching from Let's-Live Coaching helps you live this adventure. Begin now! Give us a call today!


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