Training - Leadership Coaching FAQ's
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Training - Leadership Coaching FAQ's

Leadership Coaching F.A.Q

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Leadership Coaching is the process of helping leaders increase their productivity and be more successful, using a tailor-made personal development program. It also enhances a leader's ability to remain motivated and keep striving for continuous improvement, even after the leader occupying a top position in the professional hierarchy.

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A Leadership Coach is a friend, confidant and guide who helps professionals envision their dreams, identify limiting problems and solve them. A Leadership Coach can help them in turning their professional and personal dreams into a reality.

Top level executives often find it hard to get the honest opinion of others – primarily because employees fear them and peers tend to have their own best interests at heart. This is where a Leadership Coach helps. He/she acts like a sounding board, gives you honest opinions and helpful advice.

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Today's fast paced knowledge-based economy has made jobs and leadership challenges more complex. Plus, the constant technology-upgradations and ensuing changes in businesses have made effective change management even more important.

The top level executives at any organization need to be responsible for themselves and accountable for the people under them. A president has to take care of his/her own personal and professional goals. At the same time, he/she should be able to motivate others to meet their personal and professional goals.

Leadership is tough and Let's-Live Coaching works to make it easier. Our leadership development programs help manage time, reduce stress, improve leadership abilities, hone skills, strategical thinking, develop positive attitude, make goals and achieve them. Our courses are divided into two broad categories – one-on-one coaching and group coaching.

The one-on-one leadership development programs assist executives in improving their entrepreneurial capabilities and perceptive abilities. The individual programs are customized to nurture the individuality of a leader. Group Coaching on the other hand, enables professionals to learn from and inspire each other.

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The benefits of training managers into coaches and leaders go beyond the advantages that the manager receives personally. Agreed, leadership development programs are designed for the leaders but their successful implementation results in benefits to the organization. As it provides dual benefits, it is a great idea to invest in Leadership Coaching.

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A manager can only manage the employees. It is the leader who knows how to motivate employees towards utilizing their full potential, delivering high performance and deriving satisfaction from their involvement in the business.

To an employee, a manager is essentially an "outsider", an authoritative individual who wants the best for the organization. A leader or coach on the other hand is never deemed as an outsider because the employees know his/her primary objective is helping the employee successfully work at full potential.

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As the pioneers of revolutionary coaching techniques like NLP and hypnosis in SA, we have been leading the South African life-coaching industry for more than seven years now. At Let's-Live Coaching, we use an opportune mix of modern technology, behaviour modification science and the latest in applied psychology to train presidents, directors, CEOs, CFPs and COOs into leaders.

Our Let's-Live Coaches will help you gain higher self-motivation, improve job satisfaction and teach you sure-fire techniques to lead employees and help them achieve the same. Give us a call to learn more about how Let's-Live Coaching makes you a leader and not just a top manager.

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